23 September 2008

Last AtmoSphere album update

OK I thought it would be nice to give you a last update on the progress of my new album. The music is all done now. Tomorrow we will do the final mastering session at Groove Unlimited. And then the album will be done. In the end I did make one track even a little longer. The final CD will be about 72 minutes in length. The last thing left for me to do is to finish the text for the booklet that will come with the CD. I also used the corrections I got from some of you on the text that was already online on my website. Thanks for that. I changed that this morning. If you see anything strange please let me know since I have to finish this by Thursday the latest. I wanted to put some more samples online already, but decided to wait with that until the final material is ready tomorrow. So keep an eye (and ear) on my website the coming days :)

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