23 September 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 12)

Things are starting to look like something now. The outside walls are standing. Here you can see another picture my wife took from the roof of our neighbors. It gives again a nice overview of the project. We didn't have any more collapses so far. Fortunately the weather is still nice. Let's hope it stays like this for another 3 weeks. By then you won't see any of this anymore since it will be below the ground :) These walls are 25 cm wide so it is all quite solid. A special technique was used to ensure that everything will be water tight. To lower 12 cm of the whole construction will be in permanent ground water anyway. With bad weather this level will rise a bit even.

In the picture on the right you can see that they also started constructing the inside walls. Unfortunately one of these wall was incorrect on the drawings so it ended up on the wrong spot as well :( Another setback. They will have to tear it down again and build a new one. I saw this only when they were done. We don't know where it went wrong, but we'll figure that out with the architect. Unfortunately we didn't have any drawings left ourselves. We gave them all away to various subcontractors that also will be working on the studio afterward.

Here you see a picture of the studio with walls and all. There is someone standing inside so that should give you a sense of the room. It looks nice from the top. Here they are preparing the roof on top of the whole construction. They are going very fast now with construction it is even hard to keep up with taking pictures :) We still are a bit behind schedule but not much. So all still looks good. We had another minor problem. They forgot some cables that would be in pipes in the wall. But we will put them in later. This is a bit more work but not really a setback.

Today they also finished the first phase of building this roof. They put concrete plates on top with metal wiring attached. The wiring from the walls are bend into this and on top of this there will be another layer of concrete. Hopefully they will put this in tomorrow. The basement will be a very solid concrete construction after this. On top of this roof there will be about 6 cm of sand and then our terrace will go on that. So when we sit outside in the summer when the weather is nice. We will sit on top of the studio :)

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