06 September 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 9)

In the picture on the left you see another nice picture my wife took from further away. It gives a good overview again of the scale of this project. You can still see them digging here on the side or our house. But they are long gone by now with this machine. And again you can see the dept of the hole and the bottom of our foundation. Luckily or house is standing on 24 poles of about 10 meters long otherwise it probably would not be standing anymore now with all the ground that is gone now.

This week they started on the foundation. The first thing they did is measure out the floors and laying a layer of insulation on the bottom. That material will help to stop to much temperature flowing away through the floor later. On the sides they constructed a boundary that will hold the concrete later for the foundation. You can see the poles sticking through the holes. They will be connected later to the foundation so that everything will stay in place.

On top of this layer of insulation a construction was build with these woven steel sheets you see here. The concrete will flow between that to make it all very strong. I didn't see them do this unfortunately. I was out to work at that moment. My wife did take some pictures of this, but I haven't got them yet. But I guess you can picture this yourself as well ;) A very big crane was standing next to the house to carry this steel over our house in the garden. The steel sticking out of the poles was bend into and connected to this whole construction.

After that the concrete was put in. In the picture on the left you see the finished foundation. It has to harden out this weekend. Next week they can continue with the walls on top of that. They are still on schedule by the way. Very nice. The planning is that by Friday even the basements will be closed from the top. So the ceiling will be on. We will see. But is nice to see that thing are getting some shape now and I also have an idea how big my studio will be :) Well that is all for now. More next week.

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