01 October 2008

Spectracsonics Omnisphere

I have always been a big fan of all Spectrasonics software. I got a very nice upgrade offer since I already had all their software. So I ordered it right away. Nice to see how their boxshot matches my CD cover by the way :) I tried it out right away. It comes on 9 DVD's and it takes about 45 minutes per DVD to instal. You should plan some time for that. The total installation will set you back 50 Gbytes on your harddisk. My first impression was quite good. I wasn't as blown away as I expected to be after watching the video's. But it is a very good successor to their 'Atmosphere' synth (nice name). Only much more sounds and sound sources and now you have the ability to create your own sounds as well. Either from the samples that some with it or using the included synthesizer engine. I'm sure I will be using this synthesizer in the future. I like especially the ever evolving moody sounds it can create.

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