23 October 2008

Roland Juno 6 in my Collection

Last night I picked up a Roland Juno 6 for my collection. As you probably know I collect synthesizers for a hobby next to the fact that I make music with them. Normally I try to find machines that are very different, but for Roland I have a soft spot. I'm trying to find as much nice Roland machines as I can. I already had A Juno 106 and a Juno 60, so with this Juno 6 (the oldest brother of the family) I have them complete. I'll pick up some more stuff the coming weeks by the way. Luckily with the new studio starting to get finished I will have more room to put them in. This Juno 6 only lacks midi. But I already found a retro midi kit from Kenton. They have it also for the Juno 60. I still use an external DCB to Midi convertor on it, but I'm considering to put the Kenton kit in both machines later.

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Anonymous said...

I love music but never learnt how to make music and play music instrument myself. thank you for sharing friend.

See you around.