02 October 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 14)

Finally the rain stopped for a moment, so construction continued. Here you see another shot of how things look like now. You can see that the basements are ready. Again we took pictures from the roof of our neighbors for the nicer angle. At least on the outside it looks finishes now, but on the inside still a lot of work still has to be done, but I still haven't seen that. Today they also stopped pumping the water out and removed the whole draining installation. So lets hope the whole thing is waterproof indeed :)

The constructor also started to put the sand/clay back where it came from. I'm very happy that they started on the side where the garden of our neighbors collapsed so that at least it wont be able to collapse any further now. They are using a very small digging machine now and they actually drive the thing on the roof of our basement. I'm sure it is strong enough, but it is still a strange idea. The whole basement is packed now in isolation material by the way to keep the cold out later.

Another thing that stopped today, besides the rain, is the silence we enjoyed the last days. As you can see in the picture on the left the constructor (or should I say destructor) started to tear down a part of the wall on the side of our house today. Some of you wondered where the door would come. Well here it is :) You can probably imagine that this operation is quite noisy and at the moment I'm at home with a flu. This doesn't really help to stop my headache I'm afraid :( I'll be very happy when they stop working today.

And to make the feast complete this is our front door entrance on the inside. There is a whole there to go under our house. At the moment they are also drilling holes there. They are taking water and electricity etc. from under here and bringing it to the new basement. Ah well let's keep the thought that it is all for a good cause :) Our dog doesn't like it very much either by the way. She is going nuts here from the noise. My wife just rang the kennel if they had a spot and they did. So we decided to give her a couple of days rest there. OK I think that was enough update for a day :) I'm going to put my headphones back on and make some noise of my own.

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