11 October 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 15)

Lots has happened the last week. The constructor filled up the whole garden again with the clay the took out first. In the picture you see that they actually drove on the roof of my studio. Quite a scary idea, but it seems that the whole concrete construction is very strong. They are also starting to repair the damage to our neighbors garden. I hope that will be all OK soon. At least we can go out again in the back garden, but still some work has to be done. The will put some cover on top of the roof and over that another layer of yellow sand will come so that we can put the tiles of our terrace over that. Then you won't see a thing anymore of the studio.

I got some question about how I would be able to breath down in the studio. The constructor will put in a mechanical ventilation system. In this picture you see some pipes sticking out of the roof. Through here the fresh air will be put in. Also here are two pipes for the central heating system. The heating system will be fitted in the floor. That seemed like a nice solution since we won't have radiators fitted on the walls then. But it also poses some problems we found of when we went looking for a floor to put in the studio. We are still looking into a solution that can work with floor heating.

Last week the constructor also tore down more of the wall on the side of our house. At first I though they would only do that where the door would come but now we know they will take out this whole wall on the bottom floor. We could also notice last week that the insulation layer they took away actually works. It was very cold in the living room. It is amazing how much difference that makes. The reason they are taking out this wall it that it will make the room bigger that is build next to it. The difference is about 17 centimeters but still that is a lot since we are not allowed to build out as wide as we would like due to local government policies.

They also started to work on building on the first floor now. Here you see them making a wood construction that will hold the insulation of the new part. On both sides a wall will be made. If you look well you see a ladder sticking out in the middle of the pictures. This is were the stair will come that lead down to the studio. They also started working now on the inside of the studio. Still lots has to be done. I looked inside last week and they was still about 2 centimeters of water down there. I'm curious how they are going to get that out. Well we'll see about that next week. So far things are back on schedule and luckily the weather has improved again so I hope they can finish this part next week. So now I'm off to Eindhoven to release my new album :)

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