04 October 2008

EMU Proteus 2500

I have been looking to buy an EMU Proteus synthesizer for my collection for a long time, but most of them are 1 rack space high and lack controls. Well until I found this one :) This is the most extensive of them all and they are quite rare. It is a Proteus 2500. Yesterday evening I tried it out. The sounds are quite OK, of course it is still a rompler, but especially the filters are very nice. And there are a lot of models to choose from. The internal effects are not so good in my opinion, but you can easily switch them of and use external ones. But the greatest thing is that it has a lots of nice controls on the front to edit the preset sounds into your own. I already made some cool soundscapes and pads. It also has a build in sequencer an arpeggiator, very nice to use. It is a nice machine to use for the basis of a nice jam. It also has SPDIF out. I like that on a synthesizer. No need for AD/DA convertors. I'll try to find a nice spot for it in the new Apollo studio later.

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