30 October 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 17)

A lot has happened last week at the construction site, but I didn't have time before to report about it. The constructor is really working on finalizing things now. And it is starting to look really good. I'm getting more excited every day to put my equipment in there :) They are mainly working inside now, but on the outside still some things had to be done. On the roof of the basement a water proof layer is made so that no water can stand on it. Actually not very different from the way a normal roof would be made.

The only difference that on top of that they put another layer of isolation. you can see that in the picture on the right. This of course is meant to keep to cold outside. Well we noticed last weeks how much this isolation does for the temperature in side the house.
n top of this a layer of yellow sand will be put. About 6 centimeters we heard and on top of that there will be the tiles of our new terrace later. By then you wont be able to see anything anymore of the studio. Strange idea actually to sit on top of it later.

Since the outside is all ready now and closed they made the break through to our house. So now we have a big hole in the kitchen wall were the door to the new area will be later. Unfortunately this hole also brought back the cold in the house since the new area is not heated yet and the constructor leaves the door open all day. And also a lot of moisture is coming from downstairs where the concrete is drying. But this is only temporary and we will survive I'm sure ;)

It is nice now though that we can take people inside for a tour. Lots of friends and family come by now to look at the construction work.

On the inside all the walls are equalized now. Looks a lot better as well. All white and straight now in stead of the naked concrete. Everything is a lot lighter now. This week they will work on the floor heating and another layer of concrete will be put on top of that to for a nice equalized floor as well. I will try to update you on the in the end of the week. Today I'm very busy with the plumber and the guy that is working on our alarm system.

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