17 August 2008

Schallwende Grill Fest 2008

Yesterday the German Electronic Music Club 'Schallwende' organized a very nice Grill Fest to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. It was an open air event held in the Grugapark in Essen Germany. We drove there with the whole family (wife, kids and dog). It was nice weather so we all had a great time there. There were also some mini concerts there in the middle in the park. All by Dutch artists that I happen to know, so that was for me one of the reasons to go and meet them and see them perform. In the picture on the left you see Ron Boots performing together with his two friends Harold van der Heijden and Henry Peters. As you can see all very cosy :)

The other two artists that performed were Rene van der Wouden and Remy. At the end they all did a jam together. Totally unprepared and spontanious. I think that really was the climax of the event. Really cool :) During the event there was a barbeque for everyone. The organisation estimated that about 120-150 people were there. After the event we checked into a hotel with the whole family and drove back the day after. I would like to thank Sylvia and the rest of the Schallwende people and of course Ron, Rene and Remy for a lovely day!

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