30 August 2008

More AtmoSphere Artwork

Last week I got the last piece of artwork I needed for my upcoming 'AtmoSphere album'. You can see here on the left how the CD itself eventually will look like when you open CD case. Off course there will be a bit more text on it like the Groove Unlimited logo etc. But it already looks nice doesn't it? I think Kenny and Bart did a very nice job on this project and I certainly hope to work with them again on my next projects. The next thing for me now is to finish the arrangement of one last song. Then I will know the final play list and track lengths etc. And I can start writing the text for the inlay etc. Kees Aerts from Groove Unlimited will then make the final layout of all the artwork. So the work I still have a head of us is not only in the form of producing music. Well I did get a lot of very nice reactions on the texts I wrote on my AeroDynamics album. So I guess people like to read what they are listening too. So that though will give me much pleasure writing what I was inspired about on this album and each separate track.

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