17 August 2008

Schallplatte X Release

Yesterday at the Schallwende Grill Fest there was a nice surprise waiting. Schallwende organized a contest a while ago were musicians could sent in their Electronic impression of a song from a classical composer. There were 5 composers to choose from. There were many competitors I heard and the jury chose my track to be on the album. Of course I'm very proud of this :)

The track I did was based on a famous piece called 'Adagio in G Minor' by the classical composer Tomaso Albinoni. I didn't make a one to one cover but used some elements from the original composition and made it into my own version.

The album holds 10 tracks in total and is quite nice to listen to. Very varied in styles. I put it on my ipod this afternoon. In the picture on the right you can see the tracklist. This CD is not officially for sale. It will be given away to all the members of the Schallwende club. (If you really really want one. Contact me, maybe I can do something for you). But as for my own track. This track will be also on my 'Classical Project'. This is a project I'm working on that I will try to finish soon after my AtmoSphere album is released. I put my Albinoni track online on my website so you can listen to it even when you don't have the album. You can find it here:


I hope you will enjoy it. And off course if you like this track, keep your eyes out for the Classical Project. You can hear some more preview tracks on that as well on my website.

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