11 August 2008

AtmoSphere Check Sessions

I thought it would be nice to do another update on the album progress. At the moment 7 tracks are finished. I did some 'check' sessions with my good friend Hanz. He has very good ears and helps me to fix little errors in the sounds or melodies on my tracks. Hanz listens to all me unfinished work in his own studio and usually gives me remarks over the internet, but sometimes it is just difficult to explain it over a chat session, because it is so detailed. Then he comes over to my studio and we listen to the individual tracks and make the necessary correction. I'm really grateful that he spends so much time to help me on my work. So far we did about four of these sessions. And we will probably do some more. Hanz you are the greatest! Next week I will go to Groove Unlimited to do the first remixing and mastering session with Ron Boots by the way. I'll try to update you on that too.

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