30 August 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 7)

There is still a lot noise here around the house. So it is still difficult for me to work on my album during the day. Quite annoying since I still need to do some more work on the last tracks. Thursday they even started to cut the poles and they are still digging the holes deeper. It is amazing to see how much clay and sand has already been transported away here. They did encounter a little problem. They found some ground water higher up than they expected. But the assured me that this would be no problem at all for the basement.

The poles turned out to be very strong. They actually needed to use a hydraulic hammer drill to cut them away. In the picture on the right you can see that. This noise was very loud and penetrating. So After an or so hour I decided to leave to my office at work and my wife left with the kids as well. I enjoyed the silence at work :) I was behind anyway with work, so I tried to catch up a bit there as well. I'm actually installing a new VMware based platform where my Synth.nl website and some new sites I have planned will run on later as well. So it was kind of Synth.nl related as well what I did that day.

Friday they had cut out all the poles. You can see them lying here to be transported. Actually this is the first two meters of the poles they needed to remove to be able to dig further. The need to go another meter deeper, so I guess next week they will have to shorten them again. I heard that the planning is that Tuesday the foundation will be created. So the concrete for the floors will be already in place then. That is always a special moment I know from the other building projects I have seen. It is kind of a first step in building things up again.

Friday evening they placed a pump that will run all weekend to drain out the water. They need to lower the ground water level to be able to dig the last meter. Fortunately this pump is very quite. My wife was worried that she wouldn't be able to sleep because of this pump. It does run on a diesel engine 24 hours a day, but they silenced it quite good. So we did sleep OK last night. It is a amazing to see how much water is being pumped out. So I guess it was really necessary. I'm more and more convinced that these guys really know what they are doing.

And this Saturday morning I expected to have a nice quiet morning, but I was wrong about that. They showed up to look how the pump did his work and decided it was OK to dig a bit more. So actually it will be just another working day today for them. Well it gave me some time to write this post and answer some MySpace mail. I guess I will wait to work on my album until they are gone since I'm still not able to concentrate on that with all the noise. In the picture on the left you see the other side of the house by the way. Our kitchen is now kind of becoming an island :) Well I'll update you again when thay start working on the foundation and floors. Enough poles for now I guess :)

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