26 August 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 6)

On Monday they finally started digging in the garden. They were supposed to start on Friday, but since it had rained a lot they decided to let the poles harden out a bit more over the weekend. They came late in the afternoon to set up the equipment and dug a little. bit. In the picture on the left you can see how far they got. As you can see they are digging quite close to the house. It is a scary sight, but the house is on 15 meter poles as well, so it should be no problem at all they told me. And today they continued to dig a lot further.

They will do the digging in two phases they also explained to me. The first two meters they encounter is clay. They use a bigger machine to get that out. You can see how deep the hole is now from the guy that is standing in it. You can also see the poles sticking out of the ground. They look quite solid now. But as I said before they will have to be shortened later. It all is a bit scary I was working up stairs today and I could feel the house moving. Like little earth quake from time to time. We have experienced this before when they were building houses across the street.

In the picture on the left you can see the crane they are using now and also see part of the existing foundation of our house. Very strange to see this. You see also that already 4 of the 12 poles are exposed now. They explained to me that they will use a smaller digging machine later to do the last meter after the poles are shortened first. In the end they will dig until about 3 meters and 20 centimeters deep. So still a lot of work to do for them. It is quite noisy here as well. I did do some work on my album, but could not really concentrate. So took a break and wrote this :)

This machine is also in our garden past our house all day long. It picks up the dirt that is dug out right away so they can transport it away. All very efficient. I must compliment the constructor for that. As you can see they also brought their own Dixi toilet and a caravan they take their breaks in. Well seeing the rate they are going I think they will be digging here for another day or three at least. Maybe even the whole week. We will see. I'm glad that I will be away tomorrow to Groove Unlimited to start the remixing and mastering with Ron. I'll update you on that tomorrow night as well I hope.

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