23 August 2008

AtmoSphere Album Update

Album progress is still slowly but surely. I'm still working day and night on the album. Also on some tracks I thought were finished before, but when I listened again I decided to change some details. 8 of 12 tracks are really done now. And from the 4 remaining 2 are almost done. I'm currently also considering to maybe skip one track, but I haven't decided yet. The album should not be too long either I guess. I already have more than an hour of music now. Mixing last week didn't happen unfortunately. We had to postpone it again. I hope we can finally start the coming week. I still have enough work on my side, but the deadline is nearing and also the remixing and mastering takes a lot of time. Well I'm still a bit stressed but not that much anymore. I'm quite sure I'll make the deadline now. My friend Hanz still helps me out a lot and he also cares about the end result a lot. That really feels nicer, like it is not only me against the clock :)

I already got a remark about the picture in this post and the loud levels of the tracks. Don't worry. This is not the final material at all. I normally do some maximizing on my tracks myself just to hear if nothing goes wrong with the track and it sounds better on my ipod ;) Groove Unlimited will do my mastering eventually and they know what they are doing ;)


Anonymous said...


They sure make good work out of it, getting the job done at groove-unlimited.

Anonymous said...

Gaat helemaal goedkomen!!!