20 August 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 5)

I was right about the next truck that would come. It only took three hours before the concrete arrived. The guys that were waiting were quite unhappy with that. They couldn't do anything else in the mean time. Eventually three trucks with concrete arrived for these 12 poles. That is a lot of concrete and it shows how deep and wide the poles are to hold the whole construction. In the picture on the left you see the concrete truck dumping its load in the track that hold the crane with the concrete pump .

After the concrete is put in a steel construction is inserted for reinforcement. You can see that here in the picture on the right. You only see the ends sticking out of the ground. Now the poles have to harden for a few days and then they will be shortened. Since we will be building a basement eventually the foundation will be about 2.5 meters lower. Since the poles are 10 meters, they will still be long enough and we understood from the guys that did the drilling that already after 2 meters of clay they hit sand. And the most important thing is that the poles are in the sand.

Well as you can see our garden is now officially ruined :) We knew that would happen of course, but it is still a shame to see. After drilling a lot of concrete left overs were in the garden. They cleaned the mess a bit up with a small digging machine. Friday the work will continue. Then they will start digging the big holes for the basement. I'm very curious about that. They predicted it would take them about three days to complete this. Well for now we have a few days rest. Back to the music :)

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