18 August 2008

AtmoSphere SFX on MS20

Here is a quick video my good friend Chris made during the creation of some wind sound effects on his Korg MS20 for my AtmoSphere album. You can see it running through the Boss RE-20 Space Echo simulation that we only used only for the live situation. Eventually I recorded the SFX in Cakewalk Sonar without it so I could add reverb and delay afterwards to fit the track it would go in. You can also see it is attached to the PAIA 9700S and the Cwejman S1 MK2. I used those for some triggering and modulation. These systems are not fully compatible since the Korg is V/Hz scaled and the other two V/Octave. But for a bit of triggering and modulation of sound effecs that doesn't matter to much. We made lots more, but did not film that.

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