01 September 2010

Synth.nl stall at Electronic Circus 2010

Like last year I'd like to point you to a very nice festival in Germany with electronic music. It held in the Movie in Bielefeld a very nice location near the train station in the city center of Bielefeld. In the poster you can see the line-up. A very nice one if I may say so. I already heard some music from the Ron Boots clan and I can tell you that this will be something special and not typical EM. The atmosphere on this festival is always great. It is quite open. There are a lot of artists for you to meet as well. In the hall is a bar and next to that an area where a lot of artists have a stall and you can meet them and buy CD's from them directly. I will be there as well with a stall. So be sure you come to Bielefeld on the 25th of September. You can find more information on the website on this URL:


I hope to see you there!!

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