12 September 2010

New Nattefrost Album with Synth.nl up for Pre-Order

Bjorn Jepessen will release a new album as 'Nattefrost' on the coming E-live festival in Oirschot (NL) on the 9th of October. The album will be called 'Dying Sun / Scarlet Moon'. On the album there will also be the track that Bjorn and myself made recently. The track is called 'Close Encounter'. The album is now up for Pre-sale on the Groove website. Bjorn will be also present on the E-live festival and even will be performing live on stage. So if you want to pick this up first hand and have it signed by the both of us E-live will be the perfect opportunity. More information on http://www.groove.nl/, http://e-live.groove.nl and http://www.nattefrost.dk

On the Groove website you can also read more on the album. Here is a little bit of text from the website also mentioning my contribution. The album will also be for sale on my stall. And do look at the other release that is coming on the same day as well. A complete album of Ron Boots & Synth.nl. So I hope to see you at E-live :)

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