09 September 2010

Hidden Patch Islands in the Apollo Studio

A question I get a lot is if all my synthesizers are midi and audio connected. Well yes most of them are. In several places in the studio there are little islands like this one in the picture. It is a low 19 inch rack that is usually hidden in the normal pictures below or behind some synthesizers. I run all analog audio and midi cables to these islands. Usually giving me 2 or 3 meters of analog cable at the most. In these islands are one ore more AD/DA converters, DI's and also 8x8 midi interfaces and or A880 midi patch bay (also 8x8). In this island there is one of each giving a total of 14 midi inputs and output ports. All 14 ports of course have 16 channels. Also for the analog audio there is a patchbay. From these islands only USB and ADAT cabling is running to my main desk. In this way I keep the cabling in my studio to a minimum. In total there are 4 of these islands and also in my main desk I use this same system in the lower cabinets. I hope this clears things up :)

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