13 September 2010

Refuge en Verre Tracklist on my Website

Here is a glimpse of the track names of the upcoming 'Refuge en Verre' album by Ron Boots & myself. The track lengths could still change a bit by the way. And yes I know they are all in French. I will write some nice text explaining what it all means soon on my website. I visited Ron today again in his studio and we did the final mix for the first 3 tracks. So things are really shaping up now. The deadline is still tight, but we are getting more confident now that we will make it. Hopefully there will be some sound clips online soon on the Groove site. I will let you know when they are there of course. I also heard today that the album was already ordered a couple of times :) Thank you all very much for the support. You can find some information now as well on the album on my own website at this url: http://www.synth.nl/Refuge

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