31 August 2010

Working Day and Night in the Studio at the Moment

At the moment I'm working day and night in the studio. I have some deadlines I have to make and it is all not easy. I also have a little flu which makes me a bit slower than usual. But I finished the track that I made with Bjorn Jepessen (Nattefrost) last week. So one thing is of my list. Now I'm working hard on the 8 track that will be on the ''Refuge en Verre' album that I'm making together with Ron Boots. The goal is still to release it the 9th of October on the E-live festival in Oirschot (NL), but it will be a very tight fit. nothing can go wrong. Ron is also very busy with all kinds of other projects and he is also performing in Bielefeld at the Electronic Circus on the 25th of September. So the week up front he will have to practice and won't have time for Refuge en Verre. I'll keep you updated if we make it :) I'm doing everything I can.


Blue Parrot said...

Succes michel en beterschap,



Synth.nl said...

Dank je wel