15 September 2010

Another Leak Repair Attempt #6?

Last weekend was a wet one again in the studio. We had a lot of rain in The Netherlands and it leaked all over again. So today my constructor came back with another idea. We made another water proof seal on the outside of the wall. But when they were working on cleaning the roof they did discover something else that was hopeful. It actually looked like a hole on the left corner of the wall. So they removed a piece of the wall again and found the water proof layer looked a bit suspicious.

There actually was a piece that looked to be loose. So they removed it and under there was WATER!! At least that is hopeful because that shouldn't be there of course. And the water cannot have traveled very far from there. So after removing this piece of material they put a lot more layers on top of that just to be sure it wouldn't leak there any more. Man do I really hope that this was it now. Actually this was the only spot we didn't look into before yet. So it could well be.

The only thing  left to do is to put the two corner bricks back in there. But we want to wait and see what happens now first. In the mean time they put a lot of waterproof kit in there on the corner. Well everything that helps is fine by me. When the corner bricks are back they will add the same layer over it on the outside as they did on the rest of the wall. Well fingers crossed for now and wait for it to start raining again. And they predicted that we will be getting some more the coming days. The only problem is how long do you need to wait before you know it worked? We have had days of rain on a row before where it didn't leak and they suddenly it started again. I will keep you updated as always.

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