08 September 2010

Surround Speakers are Back

Maybe you have read a while ago that I put up a surround monitoring set of speakers using my old Behringer Thruths. I had special speaker stands made to attach them to the wall. But then it turned out they were not correctly fastened. And one of them actually came down from the wall. Luckily not causing any serious damage to any equipment, but then we took them all down again immediately to prevent further damage. This morning we mounted everything back in place.

 In the picture on top you see my center speaker. I had to mount it way higher than the stereo set I normally use, but the sound will come from behind the electric projector screen you see there on top and of course I couldn't mount it behind the LCD screens. In the picture on the right is one of the surround back speakers. The speaker stands are reinforced now and we used another type of bolts for in the wall. The guy that constructed it had a lot more confidence now. Well time will tell I guess :)

And here is one final overview picture where you can see the surround front left and right speakers as well just above the screens on the far right and left. I still need to cable everything now. I already cabled the surround decoder and the SPL surround controller. But now I need to solder connectors on the cables that come out of the ceiling. Those cables were already installed during the construction of the studio, but so far I didn't need them. It will be not the easiest task to get connectors on there since the cables are up high. No comfortable position to work in. We'll see if I can manage :)

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