23 August 2010

Synth.nl caught drumming

Last year I bought a drum kit. It is an Alesis DM-6 kit that is of course an electronic drum kit. It does have it's own internal sounds and also some demo songs that you can drum a long with. I just started practicing in 2010, so I'm not very good at it yet. But luckily I can hook the kit of with USB to my studio PC and then it sends out Midi signals over USB. I can record these and use the notes to play on any sound I'd like. In this way I can select a drum kit that I like. Play some drums loops or breaks. And when I hear something I like I record the midi notes and can edit them afterwards and use them in my music. On my Apollo album you will hear the first drum sounds that I actually drummed on this kit. Before that I just did my drums on my Master Midi Keyboard. Of course drumming on this drum kit is way more fun and I think it sounds more naturally.

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