30 August 2010

Schallwende Grill Fest and Schallplatte 12

Last weekend I visited the yearly Grill Fest in Essen organized by the German Music club Schallwende EV. As always the atmosphere was nice and so was the BBQ :) This year another Dutch artist performed called Rene Splinter. I liked his concert a lot. So check his music out too. The bad news though was that the yearly Schallplatte CD was not ready yet. I knew my Mercury track would be on there, but they wanted to keep that a secret until that day. And in my enthusiasm I already sent the track with an Embargo until Saturday to some radio stations. And they already played it but the CD is not even released yet :( I felt very bad about that actually. Next time I better wait until I have the CD in my hands. Well the good news is that you can already listen to one track that is going to be on the Schallplatte 12 CD that is only distributed to the members by the way. So if you want to have it go to http://www.schallwen.de and become a member ;) I will put my track on my website later on, but I WILL wait now until I have the final CD. It is expected in about 2 weeks time. For now tune in to Sunday Synth on AR FM next Sunday from 10-12 AM (GMT) or listen to a greater part of it on Syndae Podcast #100 Volume 1. There is also a Synth.nl special on Elec Radio on the 1st of September where it will be played.

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