06 August 2010

Small Refuge en Verre Update

Last week I visited Ron Boots in his studio again. The 'Refuge en Verre' album we are making together is really taking shape now. So far it looks like there will be 8 tracks on the album. We are now both working on some tracks in our own studios to add some more detail to the stuff we played live in the Ardennes and when we are done, we swap tracks and work on the other set. We also plan to play one more day together since we have some tracks that still need some more melodies. I also had a talk to my regular designer Bart about some ideas for the cover. We are still not clear on that, so I'm very curious what he comes up with. And then of course both Ron and me have to like it. But things are shaping up and I'm really happy already with some of the tracks we made so far :) We are going to make the deadline of the 9th of October I think, if nothing strange happens. I'll let you know when there is more news.

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