07 August 2010

Synth.nl and Nattefrost Collaboration coming

During my travel to the Norberg Festival in Sweden I picked Bjorn Jeppesen up in Denmark to go there together. Bjorn played on the festival as Nattefrost. I left Holland a day earlier so that I could visit his studio as well and there we made some music together. And that resulted in a nice mix of both our styles. We decided that the result was good enough to make a track from it and so that is what we did. Bjorn took this picture of me in his studio while I was playing one of the leads. We are now both finishing up the track in both our own studio. But we already decided that we will be releasing this track both somewhere in the future. We just don't know how and when yet. But it will be on one of his and one of my CD's eventually :) So another collaboration is on its way! This time it will be Nattefrost & Synth.nl.

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