23 August 2010

The Mysterious Way of Water

Last week our constructor came by again and removed a bigger part of our terrace. And now we are trying to find out ourselves where we have to put water to get it leaking again in the studio. That sounds easier than it is actually. We have tried a lot of things already and so far not much luck. I'm really starting to hate this problem. I like logic to analyze problems, but this just doesn't seem logical. It looks like water moves in mysterious ways.

In the picture on the right you can see how big a mess it is again. We also moved up the terrace a bit this time away from the wall. We actually measured where the water came out in the studio and made sure that we opened the terrace right above that spot as well. But not much to see there actually. On first sight there is no physical damage. So we did more water tests. We put like 5 centimeters of water in this whole for a long time and nothing came out in the studio.

Here you can see how much water we put on there. We tried this several times close to the wall but also on other spots. Nothing happened. Then my wife sprayed some water against the wall and 5 minutes later it started to leak. So our conclusion was that it should be near or maybe behind the wall again. But we already opened a large part of this wall and we couldn't find anything. But we are quite sure that the water proof stuff on the roof is not the cause. At least we can eliminate that from the possibilities.

But then we tried to spray water on the wall again later this week. And nothing happened???? I'm really lost here. We also had a lot of rain last week and not a drop leaked into the studio. Well I guess we will just have to open the wall again and look further. Maybe the leak is moving? :) Well I just don't know any more. We have been looking for so long now and every time we are sure we are close, but still we don't find it. Well I'll keep you updated on the progress. I'm afraid this story isn't over by far :(

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