04 August 2010

Advanced Leak Tracing

Yesterday we coordinated an effort in finding the leak in my studio. There was a specialized company here together with my constructor. We first of all looked at a lot of pictures so that this company understood the construction. Then we started with flooding the terrace which is the roof of my studio with our garden hose. Then they went in the studio with an infrared heat seeking camera and a special moisture meters to see if they could see anything change. Right away they saw some temperature drop and moisture in a certain place. They concluded that the leak then really should be close since it didn't take much time. After about 5 minutes it started to leak. Then then looked for a water trail. And they couldn't really find it. The conclusion was that the leak had to be right above the spot where the water came out.

In the pictures we also showed the repairs attempts that were done so far, and the specialist were quite convinced that it couldn't leak there any more. So we started to focus on other spots. They removed some tiles from the terrace and waited for the leaking to stop. Then they put water in smaller spots and tried to keep it contained. We did this several times and waited. On most spots like this we got no result. But then after a few attemps we got result. Actually just a meter left from the spot we were focusing on all the time.

This is the spot we last tested in the picture. So the leak should be in this square meter in front of behind the wall. So we are getting close now. My constructor will have to break away part of the wall again now and free up the roof of the basement, but we are all pretty convinced now were the leak should be. So hopefully we will find it soon. I'm getting pretty tired by now by this whole story. To be continued. I'll keep you updated as always.


Mary-Cat said...

I so hope that this will end your water problems, Michel. I know exactly how you are feeling - how tired you are of all the inconvenience, and trouble. Take care, and stay dry, my friend. :-)

Synth.nl said...

I hope so too :/ But we are getting close now.