27 May 2010

Yusynth (Part 26)

Yesterday I visited my old employer Bird Electronics again. We made some more YuSynth PCB's long time ago already, but I still needed to drill 0.8 mm holes in them. So that is what I did using the drill you can see in the picture. It was about 4 hours of work. After that I cut the PCB's to the right size. Usually there is always some excessive material around it to be able to hold it better and you don't want to loose the print on the edges when etching. After this is also drilled some 3mm holes for fastening the PCB's later on on the mounting brackets.

After that my former colleague Marcel helped me to wash the PCB's. There is a small layer of etch resistant material still on the copper that wasn't hit by the UV light. The material has to be washed of with thinner. And after drying from the thinner Marcel sprayed on a protective layer that also helps the solder flow better. And then the batch was layed outside to dry in the sun. While waiting we had a nice lunch over there and talked a bit about a lot of stuff. It was good old times again :)

And here is the end result. There are some PCB's on there that I made before like VCA's and Envelope Generators (ADSR's), but most of the stuff is new. Mainly logic modules like frequency dividers for the sequencer clocks, but I also made the PCB for the CV standards module that Yves made. I already have the front panel and everything for that, but I forgot that PCB in the last run. Well for now I have more than enough, because I guess this won't even fit in my modular desk any more. I'm looking into howto make some modules in Eurorack format now, because that saves a lot of space and I still have plenty of room left in the right 19 inch modular desk extension.

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