20 May 2010

Modular Power Distribution (Part 1)

Yesterday evening I started work on the power distribution in my modular desk. This is the inside of the modular extension. On the bottom you can see the three MOTM power supplies that I've build and on the top right is another power supply that I will use to power the Synthesizers.com modules that I bought. I calculated that the MOTM-950 doesn't have enough power to take on all my modules. Especially the Q960 sequencers take 240 mA together on the +15V and the MOTM-950 only has 400 mA on the +15. On the top left is a power distribution board that I will use to convert the MOTM format connectors to the synthesizers.com power connector for some modules that go in the extension.

From the power supplies I am going to do cabling to a terminal block inside the big module. From there I'll wire the power distribution boards. The only problem I ran into is that I'm out of cable. So today I'll get some new one so I can continue. I'm very happy by the way that I can make those MOTM style twisted cables myself now. It looks really neat actually. After this I started removing modules from the cabinet to make room. And I needed some good spots to mount the power distribution boards.

And here is how I mounted them On the vertical support struts that are in the main modular desk. The boards you see here on the bottom is the same as in the extension before. It holds 3 synthesizers.com connectors, but also some MOTM style bigger 6way connectors. Those are also on the MOTM-950 power supply. The next problem I ran into was that I was short of synthesizers.com power cables. I did have connectors but no suitable cables, so in the end I cut existing cables in half and made new connectors on them. The cables I got were too long any way. All synthesizers.com modules are now connected and hopefully I can power them up tomorrow. I also ordered new MOTM connectors since I'm going to have to produce a lot of MOTM power cables for the rest. I'll keep you posted on the progress :)

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