21 May 2010

MOTM-300 VCO's (Part 1)

I started building 3 MOTM-300 VCO's. They are supposed to be very musical and accurate. I bought the PCB's from Synthesis Technologies, but unfortunately they don't sell complete kits anymore, but they do sell special components kits with the hard to find parts. So I had to source the components myself. I did not have trouble finding the rest at all. By now the PCB's are all done. I also ordered the front panels from there and the brackets that mount the PCB to the front panels.

The only thing I forgot to order is something they call a 'hardware kit'. It holds the nuts and bolts you need to screw everything together. I thought I would have that myself, but all nuts I had didn't really fit. It just took a long time before it was here, because I ordered them together with the power distribution boards and those were out of stock. So I had to wait for shipment until everything arrived there first. But I must say it is a very nice way to mount the PCB.

The only thing I'm missing now are the potmeters. MOTM uses other types than I'm used to. Spectrol potmeters I think the same as I had in my Oakley modules, but they sell those as kits as well. I have been looking around which types I need, but I'm lost. So if anyone reads this and knows order nr's from Farnell or Mouser I'd be more than happy :) I'm also sending Scott from Bridechamber a message. Maybe he has them to. Well as soon as I got the potmeters I can finish them of and start testing en calibrating them. For now they already found a place in the modular desk.

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