24 May 2010

Modular Power Distribution (Part 2)

This morning I did a lot of work on the power distribution in the modular desk. Here you can see the power distribution board in the left part of the desk. As you can see there are quite some cables already attached. And all of those were hand made. By now I used about 200 meters of wire already and I'm about half way I think. On the right you can just see once of the YuSynth VCA modules I build. This gives a clear picture I think how everything is mounted and connected. It is really great that things a finally taking shape.

On the other side of the cabinet I still need to do a lot of work. You can see this also on the picture on the right. But I cannot continue at this moment because I ran out of black wire. I did calculate that black would go twice as fast as the other colours because all ground wires are double on the connectors, but it seems that twisting the wires takes up a lot of meters as well and then there is always some waste of course and you cannot go in a straight line sometimes from the modules to the power distribution boards. So I'll have to get some more cable to be able to continue.

So after this I started to create some patches to test if all modules that I connected also worked properly. I have tested them all prior to mounting them in the cabinet, but sometimes a wire can come loose of course when you pull them through the cabinet. But so far it looks like everything works. Not everything has a led either by the way, so for some modules you can't even tell if they are on or off. It was fun doing some patching on this big modular. I'm already working for a long time on the project, but was never before able to do this. So I'm starting to get excited about the whole thing now and can't wait until I can use it usefully in a track. That might even be the case on my upcoming album already. I'll let you know when I do of course :)

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