19 May 2010

Moog Taurus 3 in the Studio

From the moment Moog announced they were going to do a reissue of the Moog Taurus I was very interested in it. The deep bass sounds of the original Taurus are really earth shaking. And now they made a version with midi, LFO and arpeggiator. So I decided to get one. I didn't to the down payment as they asked for, but I asked I4 Muzique to get one for me. And yesterday I picked it up. I couldn't resist hooking it up right away and play on it. Well this one is still earth shaking :) The bass coming from it is really amazing. And I do love that low end. I found a nice spot for it right under my main desk right below my master keyboard. So now I can use it as an sound engine, but also as a midi controller since it also sends out midi signals. Do go and check it out!

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