27 May 2010

Synth.nl Interview on Roland Central Europe Website

A while ago I did an interview with Roland about my studio, synthesizers, music and especially the Roland V-Studio 700 I use. I'm very happy with this so I didn't mind helping them to promote it a bit more. It is the ideal companion for Cakewalk Sonar. I did the interview in English, but they also put Dutch and French subtitles under it. I was very nervous as you can see. Sorry for not sitting still on my chair :) Well it was fun doing it and it is nice that it is finally online. You can find it here: http://www.rolandce.com/nl/nl/producten/computer-music/audio-recording/vs-700-cs/. You have to click the video tab on this page to view it. I will also put a copy of the video on my YouTube channel later. I guess Roland won't mind because it is free publicity for them as well. The music playing in the background is the title track of my latest 'OceanoGraphy' CD by the way.

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