19 May 2010

Back from Holiday

The last two weeks it has been very quiet on this blog. It was because I was on holiday. Like last year we took a cruise with the kids. This time on the Mediterranean. We visited Venice in Italy, a very special place I can recommend it, we also went to Split and Dubrovnik Croatia and we also visited Turkey and Greece. We were on quite the same boat as last year only not 5 days now but 14 days. We had 2 full days at sea, but the other days we saw only nice places. Here is a picture of the view I enjoyed the most. It is great waking up to :)

I listened to a lot of music on this holiday. I had my Ipod full with music that I didn't have time before to listen to. So now I'm completely up to date again. I always get a lot of music from other artists, but normally I just can't find the time. My wife is very good taking these kind of action pictures of me by the way ;) But we went on this holiday to rest, because it has been so busy last year. And it will be busy again, since I'm both busy with work as I have a lot of music projects to finish and also a lot of work to be done still in the studio. So I needed this break.

And here is another action picture my wife took ;) Well I have slept a lot, since I normally do that as less as possible I had to catch up a bit. Last time I really used this cruise for inspiration for my OceanoGraphy album, but since my next album is about the Apollo Space program to the moon, we looked for a cruise to the moon, but couldn't find it. I did take a lot of documentaries about these missions with me for inspiration though. So now I'm really in the mood to finish this album. I have some great images in my head to compose the music to now.

But I want to finish up with another very nice picture we took just from our balcony. Those sunsets are always something special I think. Well enough about this holiday. I'm back and it is business as usual now. I was busy the last days to answer a lot of E-mail. It is amazing how things can pile up in just two weeks. And from now on it is a lot of studio time. Both still finishing up cabling jobs (yes it is still not finished), some DIY projects on my modular and of course music. I really wish I had more time for all this. Ah well that is life :) I'll keep you posted as always.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice trip Michel!

Synth.nl said...

It sure was :)