30 March 2009

Synth mounting creativity

When a normal person looks at a picture like this he probably thinks that it is a nice picture with a lot of synthesizers on it. Well that was not what I thought. I was thinking it should be possible to mount on more synthesizer there. The stand on the right where the two Roland are on was designed to hold 3 synthesizer, but when I mount on more on top of that it blocks the vision into the rest of the studio and that makes everything looks smaller. But I thought maybe there is a way to mount another on just above the Yamaha, but I didn't want to buy an extra two synth stand for that. So I came up with this:

As you can see in the picture I managed to mount a Roland Alpha Juno 2 above the CS50 without sacrificing any vision and also not too much space in the room. I used the mounting holes for the third synth from the stand where the Rolands where on and mounted a bracket from the synth mounting system I use on the walls backwards on that stand. Fortunately there is a nice way Quicklok uses to adjust the angle of the stands that was identical on both the systems.

Here you can see a close-up of what I did. As you can see I did the same trick on the other stand that was next to it. I had to use other bolts and nuts though. The new bolt had to be a bit longer than the one Quicklok supplies. That one just didn't go far enough through to screw the nut on. But you can get this stuff in any hardware store. So with four bolts and four nuts and two remaining wall brackets I actually made room for two extra synthesizers in my studio. I think my wife will be so happy to hear this ;)

In the picture on the right you can even see an overview of the extra space that I created. It cannot hold a very deep synthesizer, but I already selected a suitable candidate to go into this spot later on. The synthesizer you see in the front by the way is an Yamaha SY99. That may well be one of the best digital synthesizers yamaha has ever built. Vangelis used it a lot actually. It uses FM synthesizes combined with samples. But the best thing about it is the effects sessions. You won't believe how good the reverb sounds on this machines, making it perfectly for ambient sounds. There SY77 is also nice for this. This is also the biggest keyboard I have in the studio and since my oldest daughter just said that she wants to learn playing the keyboard or piano as well. It will be nice for her to practice on it. You can use the extra octave for that of course.


McHonert said...

Hi Michel,

I cannot believe which I see there and I like itto see your studio slowly developed. That is the absolute insanity! When can we see finally pictures of the entire studio? Think you must take a photo with a fisheye ;-)

Holger / Mc.Honert

Synth.nl said...

Hi Holger, my wife told me I'm insane as well :) Maybe it is true then? Well I feel fine and my shrink thinks so too :P We'll make final pictures soon. I'm still not completely finished. But they will come when my friend Chris has time. He has a good camera with a fisheye lens :)

McHonert said...

Sooorrryyyy Michel!

babelfish.yahoo.com has me wrongly translated from german into english ... i do not think that you are insane ... no no no ... i am overwhelmed about that, which you build there :-)

Have a nice week and i am so sorry about this translation error!


Synth.nl said...

Hi Holger,

Don't worry. I understood what you ment. I was only kidding :)