30 March 2009

Apollo Studio Airco Installation (Part 3)

All work on the installation of the air conditioning is done now. Here you can see a picture of the inside unit that was placed in the server room next to the studio. This one was really necessary since there is a lot of computers and storage units in there. When I switched everything on and closed the door it would get very warm very quickly. This unit is a special unit that can run day and night and it regulates itself so it doesn't run full speed power all the time like a lot of airco units do. It also uses less power in this way.

Here you can see where it is placed. It is on the back wall of the server room directly behind the 19 inch rack that holds all the servers and storage. As you can see it takes two 230 Volt power lines to hook it up. A special group was created for this unit as well by the electrician on the power distributor that he made downstairs. I'm not sure why there are two power connections I think one is for the inside unit and one is for the outside unit since they pulled an extra power cable along with the cooling pipes to the roof. But I forgot to ask about this.

And here you can see the result of the airco. All equipment is switched on now and the door is closed. It felt nice and comfortable right away. I put the air conditioning on its highest possible cooling and after a few hours I measured and the result. It was a stunning 19 degrees Celsius!! The humidity is quite stable stable at about 54 percent which is ideal for the equipment and I put the temperature higher now to 23 degrees. That is cool enough for the equipment and takes less energy. It has no use to make it too cold. Well this concludes the airco installation. At least something is really finished now :)

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