15 March 2009

Main Studio PC reinstall

Last week I have been busy reinstalling my PC. I had some trouble with this machine. I moved around a lot with hardware and installing and deleting drivers usually leaves some mess behind. So I decided to take out my Windows Vista CD and start all over. It is a lot of work but usually worth it. It is just amazing how much software I have installed on my PC. Here you see a crate where all the install CD's are in. I don't even use all this software anymore, but still I want to have it installed in case I need to open an old project. All in all it took me almost three days to install everything. Only Vista and all the updates and service pack 1 and then updates again is several hours of work. And then I searched for all the latest drivers for the hardware on the Internet. Ah well. Now the PC is running like new again :)


Joel said...

urk! I feel your pain. Whenever I have to reinstall my work machine it always takes about a week to get it just right. Fingers crossed for a smooth sailing for you.

Synth.nl said...

Hi Joel, thanks. It seems to run OK now :)