28 March 2009

Apollo Studio Airco Installation (Part 2)

The airco installation in the studio is done now. Here you see a picture of the unit that is placed in the hall. On the left you see a little pump that pumps out the moisture that is taken from the air. This water is then pumped upstairs. You can also see that they made a nice enclosure around the airco unit from white painted steel. It looks much nicer now. It is still a big thing, but it is just a hall where it is hanging so who cares :) It shouldn't have been much deeper though. The door can only just open under it.

On the other side they also made a nice cover for the hole they made. They mounted a wooden plate and painted it in the right color with the paint we still had left. When they were done installing they switched it on and there was no cold air coming from it. They said it would take a while before it would be cold. But after an hour or so it still was blowing air at normal temperature and it even switched itself off after about two hours. So the next day I called them and they came very quickly finding out that they forgot something silly on the outside unit. But after that it worked like a charm. It is much nicer to work in the studio now. And the noise is quite low, but I can switch it off with a remote when it is not nessecary.

The electrician was there during the installation as well, to provide the airco installation with power from two extra groups. He also mounted an extra pump for the ventilation system. We used to have one for the upstairs and downstairs of the new part together. But since upstairs in this room there is a washing machine and dryer the ventilation has to be on full power, where for downstairs the medium power was sufficient and gave less noise in the studio. So now they are separated on two pumps and I can control the new one from downstairs as well, where the controls used to be upstairs first. The control comes with a timer as well, each time I press a knob I can give it 10 minutes of full power. So usually when I leave to studio I press it a couple of times. But now everything is nice and comfy. Last thing left is an airco for the server room. There airco is needed because it gets very hot from the computers running there.

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