20 March 2009

Apollo Studio Airco Installation (Part 1)

Today we started with one of the last technical projects for my new studio. The installation of and air conditioning system for the studio and the server room. We hoped it wasn't necessary, but the server room overheated very quickly with the door closed. And that door was there for a reason namely to keep the noise out of the studio. And in the studio I was very much under the impression that there wasn't coming enough fresh air in just by the active ventilation system that was initially installed. When I was working there for a longer period it just didn't feel comfortable any more. So first thing today was drill a large hole from upstairs to the server room for all the piping to go through.

Here you can see the big diamond drill they used for that hole. The chunk of concrete you see lying next to the drill isn't all by the way. The whole of that drill was necessary to get down there. It took almost an hour to do this. The concrete is very hard and they hit a lot of steel. These kind of drills also use a lot of water so it was quite messy. Luckily we packed everything in plastic downstairs below the hole (well were the water was supposed to come out) and that worked well. So nothing spilled on the carpet or anything. The hole is big enough by the way to stick your arm in.

Next thing to do was to cut a large hole above the door of my studio. Trough this hole the fresh air will be blown in later. It is amazing by the way how much easier the studio door closes and opens now this hole is there. There is no more pressure difference. This also indicates me that there is no way enough fresh air was being sucked in just from under the door. So I'm glad I decided to install this after all. Of course this hole will be covered later by some nice air outlet panel. This hole was a lot easier to make by the way since this wall is not made of concrete. It is just an inside wall made of kind of big brick like blocks.

And in this picture you can see the other side of the wall. The inside air conditioning box is mounted on the ceiling. Between this unit and the hole over the door they will mount a special sound dampener to make sure there won't be too much noise in the studio from the airco unit. This unit outputs the cold air and on the other side there will be another unit on the roof that dissipates the heat. There will also come another inside and outside unit for the serverroom. For this reason they had to drill the big hole since all the cooling piping and also electricity has to go through for both units. On Monday they will continue this project and hopefully I'm ready for the summer then :)

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