05 March 2009

Juno 6 with build in Midi

Last week I picked up my Juno 6. I brought it away for maintenance and it now has a build in midi interface. This midi interface is designed by Mark Cox from Cox Electronics. It is pretty neat. It does midi in and out, you can assign midi controls to filter cutoff and resonance, envelope attack and much more. One thing I love is that you can also assign after touch to VCF cut off for example. You can only play this from an external keyboard of course through midi since the Juno keyboard doesn't have after touch at all. And it syncs the arpeggiator to midi clock as well. The only thing I would love to have seen is a way to use the modulation as well. On the Juno 6 that is just a simple knob, but still. Well luckily you can set auto modulation on it so it is not a big deal.

Here you see the kit build in the Juno 60. Mark took some picture for me. Very nice indeed. You can also see the extra midi connectors that were added in the back. This kit also works in a Juno 60 by the way. I'm thinking to let one build in mine as well. I'm working now with an external Kenton DCB to midi convertor, but this is way more convinient. Programming the interface is by the way done by pressing a button on the back and selecting functions from the keyboard of the synthesizer itself. Very neat. Well if you are interested in this kit, let me know and I can sent you the contact details for Mark Cox. It is a nice kit and not expensive at all.


Anonymous said...

Hi there !
Thanks for your info´s about the Juno-6 interface.
I´m very interested in this interface. So, how much is it and where is Cox Electronics located, please ?
Thanks in advance !

Synth.nl said...

I'll E-mail you the details.

Luke said...

great bit of info here.
Could you please send me the details needed as i own a juno 6 and it sounds awesome and it needs midi.

Synth.nl said...

Please send me an E-mail with your E-mail addres so I can respond. I'm not going to post Marks address here. Mark let me know by the way that this is not a DIY kit. You will have to send your Juno 6/60 to him to have the kit installed. Just to let you know. Saves a lot of questions I guess. I think Kenton from the UK has a DIY kit if you are looking for that.

Anonymous said...

hey I'm interested in this - how much does it cost and how difficult is it to fit yourself?


ptjh at hotmail dot co dot uk

Synth.nl said...

I'm sorry Pete but it is not a DIY kit.