30 April 2010

Another MOTM-900 Power Supply

This morning I build another MOTM-900 Power Supply. Since my modular setup is quite big already I couldn't power everything with the two Power Supplies I already had in place. These MOTM-900 are not very difficult to build since the power unit comes pre-assembled and you only need to fasten everything together and wire it. It does require soldering of the wiring to the transformer and the power distribution board, but I think it is suitable for a beginning DIY enthousiast. This power supply delivers +15 and -15 Volts on standard MOTM connectors.

After I tested it I screwed it in the modular desk extension cabinet on the left of my main desk. There are two MOTM-900's now in there and one MOTM-950. That last on delivers +15, -15 but also 5 Volts for the Synthesizers.com modules I have. But also this one isn't heavy enough. To solve that I have another power supply in the back of this cabinet that can do much more power, but I need to make some kind of front panel for it. Next job is to put all the power distribution boards in place and wire them. And then I can start hooking up some modules :)

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