27 April 2010

Waldorf MicroWave 1 Rom Update

I have had a Waldorf MicroWave in my studio for a long time. It is a very nice digital wave table synthesizer with analog filters. It sounds really sweet, but my friend Hanz told me that it could sound even better. I still had the old OS Roms in there. So he pointed me to some Roms on E-bay that I could buy to upgrade it. Well actually I had these roms in my drawer for months already, but today I decided that it was time to finally install them into the MicroWave. So first thing was to get it out of the rack. Luckily the cables are long enough to even be able to test it this way.

And here are the new Roms. They are just normal Eproms so I guess when you have the software and an Eprom burner you could just burn them yourself, but I'm sure you can also find someone on E-bay that still sells them. As you can see mine came shipped in a nice antistatic box with some antistatic foam. There are two E-proms one is marked H for High and one is marked L for Low. I guess you can't go wrong there. So it was time to open up the Microwave. Opening it up is quite easy. You just have to remove 5 screws and you can lift of the top cover.

The Roms are in the upper left corner. I removed them using a small flat screw driver and my Roms were also marked H and L so that didn't require any puzzling. You just have to watch the oriention of the Roms. When I picked it up by the way I heard something moving inside the MicroWave and when I held it up side down a screw fell out :( I guess I was lucky that this screw never caused any short circuit. Well after screwing the lid back on I powered it up and it said version 2.0 so that looked good :) And then I put it back in the rack and played a bit on it. I think I will have to look up some new presets for it, but I'll ask my friend Hanz about that. Well another thing to scratch of my to-do list :)


Mary-Cat said...

I'm also glad that the "extra" screw didn't short anything out on the synth.
Isn't it a great feeling to be able to scratch something off of your "to do" list? Well done, Michel. :-)

Unknown said...

That waldorf has great filters !

Synth.nl said...

Yes that is very nice :)