29 April 2010

Just finished a track called 'Mercury'

I just finished a new track called 'Mercury'. It is called after the NASA Mercury Project that was started in 1959. It was the start of the manned space missions for NASA. In 1961 Alan Shepard was put in suborbital flight in the Mercury-Redstone 3 and In 1962 the Mercury-Atlas 6 put John Glenn in orbit around the Earth. Of course NASA was beaten on both occasions by the Russians back then. This Mercury project was followed by the Gemini project in 1964 that was in its turn followed by the Apollo project that set the first man on the moon. And that is the theme for my next studio album planned for October 2010.

So this track will be a teaser leading up to this album later. I sent this track in to the German music club Schallwende. They release an album every year for their members called 'Schallplatte'. A track of me has been on the last two editions. There is a jury this time that selects the tracks for this album and they have to be kept secret until then. So I'm sorry that you cannot listen to this track yet. Schallplatte XII is released in August so you will have to wait until then I'm afraid. Let's just hope Schallwende will select it. This CD is by the way only distributed to the members, so if you want to have it go to the website http://www.schallwen.de and become a member :) I will put the track on my website as well by then as I did with the previous two, but the CD will be much nicer of course.

If you want to read more about the Mercury Project by the way you can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Mercury

And you can listen to last years track here: http://www.synth.nl/SchallplatteXI

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