11 April 2010

Sound Effects on System 100m

The coming week I need to finish a track that I'm making for a sampler CD. The track is ready in a rough version and the coming week I'll be adding some sound effects to the track. But before you can add sound effects to a track you need to make them right? :) So Today I decided to take the Roland System 100m from the top of my modular desk and temporary move it to my main desk on a keyboard stand. I made a lot of different sound effects for about an hour and after that selected the best ones. 75 were left after this. The most difficult job is always to think of names for them by the way for them. And I just started fitting them in the track. I hope that when this track is finished I'll have some more time to write on this blog by the way. I'm just a bit too busy at the moment for that. I'll try to keep you posted.

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