28 April 2010

Studio Leak Story Continues :(

After the last repair we really though the leak was fixed. We had several days of rain on a row and no water at all. But then after the third day of rain when I went down in the studio to check there was about a centimeter of water in one of the buckets :( It is not much, but we could easily conclude from that, that the problem still wasn't fixed. So I called my constructor again :( But we also agreed to call in a someone else with a fresh look on things. Last week they opened the alleged problem area again and looked at it together. They both agreed on a solution that was implemented last week.

And here is the result. It looks similar, but they actually burned a much larger piece of material on there now. I really hope this does the trick, because other wise I don't know where to look any more. And we did see result from the last repair, because much less water came out so it must be the right spot I guess. Well we can only hope for the best. For now it is nice weather here so no worries now, but they are expecting rain again next week so we will see then. Fingers crossed :) It is getting really annoying by now. Still no damage until today but inconvenience for sure.


midiwall said...

Hmmm... Looks like the better solution would be to regrade that section of the yard so that the water flows away. Sealing that up (if they do actually get it sealed) will just cause pooling, which leads to seepage, which leads to water in the basement.

I had a similar problem "a couple of studios" ago. I ended up regrading the corner of the yard away from the house, and then sealed up the wall basement wall joint from the inside with a product called DryLok. Dunno if you can get it in the Netherlands...

ref: http://www.ugl.com/drylokMasonry/masonryWaterproofer/latex.php

micachee sound said...

looking at the picture a question comes up
the door stoop is the all stone or is there wood frame under it
water could be creeping under the door stoop then over to the wall then down
or in the door seal to the wall then down

Synth.nl said...

Thanks guys for the tips and considerations. But my constructor really needs to take care of this. He gave me 5 years warranty. So it really is up to him to fix this. I did tell him that if it is still not fixed I'm going to hire an counter-expert on his expense ;)

@micachee: And it is all stone. Concrete actually.

randy said...

As a professional leak victim, after several special roof men mine was fixed by a audio engineer. True story

Synth.nl said...

@Randy: Can you send him over? LOL :)