28 April 2010

Synth Rack Re-arranged

Yesterday I rearranged this rack with synthesizers. I moved two new machines in. An Emu Vintage Keys and the Yamaha FS1R that you see here in front of the rack. They are all connected with midi to a Roland A880 Midi patch bay. I don't use these synthesizers that much, so I don't have dedicated midi ports for them. The A880 is connected to one of my Motu 8x8's. Further in the rack you see the Waldorf Microwave 1 that I upgraded last week, a Korg M1r, and two old Akai samplers. I played around a bit with the Yamaha FS1R. A very lovely machine I must say. The formant filters makes it very nice especially on pads and vocal like sounds. You can get very strange choir like sounds from it. And ofcourse it also handles all the good old DX7 patches. I just love those FM electric piano sounds through a good reverb. Well another thing of the to-do list :)


micachee sound said...

do you have ease of entry to the rear of your racks, or do you have all cables labeled before you install and how do you add new cables with out tearing everything out?

Synth.nl said...

On this rack I don't have access to the back. That is why I have longer cables on them so I can pull out a synth with the wires attached.